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Please  Contact Us if you want to climb or to help at sessions.

If you’re already climbing or volunteering with us, you can find more up-to-date info about sessions on our Facebook group pages (these are for members only, so please drop us a line if you want to be invited to either of these groups).

*** Climbers ***

Click here to confirm booking for a session you have been offered

Click here to request a place on a session

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*** Volunteers ***

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When are our sessions?
We were running club nights on Monday evenings … then Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons … then we ran smaller groups and more sessions, mostly Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons. Right now we’re running very small sessions to fit in with social distancing requirements, just 1 or 2 climbers. This may change. What will stay the same is our aim to arrange sessions based on your needs and aspirations! Of course, we also have to fit in with available space at The Foundry, and hire our instructors, and line up volunteers. Booking your climbing sessions is essential.

What shall I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes and trainers for climbing. Climbing walls are more or less outdoor temperature, so wrap up warm unless it’s a hot day outside! We will lend you a climbing harness that’s right for you, and anything else you need. Everybody climbs with a “top rope” and a competent climber or instructor belaying for them, so you can’t fall off the wall. Some people have extra ropes and harnesses.

How much does it cost?
Our suggested price is £7.50 per session, but this on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis. £7.50 is less than other instructor-led climbing whilst giving the club some income to be sustainable. But we want cost to never be a barrier to participation, so please pay what you can afford or nothing at all. We like payment by BACS when you book. (We don’t like being given money at sessions because we can’t hack the admin.)

I want to fundraise
Well, we’d love to hear from you! We rely on fundraising and donations every year, because our prices are subsidized.

And please leave us a comment if you like what we’re doing, or any other reason. (Use the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can message us on Facebook or write on our public Facebook page.)


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