Registering your data when you join us

Our charity wants to collect and store some information about our climbers so that we can contact them. We only collect names and contact details, ages of our climbers, person responsible for climbers if they are under 18 or have a guardian, whether or not The Foundry’s consent forms have been completed, and whether or not permission is given to take and publish photographs.

The data is sent by email to and amongst Climbing for All Sheffield trustees, and is stored on Google Drive in an area with access limited to trustees who need to use it in the charity’s business of running a climbing club. Trustees may share individual data to those involved with sessions, e.g. names and ages of climbers, photography permissions.

The data will never be shared to any other parties or used for anything other than Climbing for All Sheffield’s regular business.

Please email if you would like to be sent your data, or if you would like us to delete it. If you select “Temporary registration” we will delete your data after 1 calendar month – you can contact us again at any time and/or re-register. If you select “Join mailing list” we will add the supplied email address to our mailing list – you can contact us at any time and ask not to get emails, and we will also delete your data if requested.