Taster Session – come and try it!

Announcing our next Taster Session!

Come along to The Foundry on Saturday 26th November, meet us, and have a go at climbing if you want to!

We will be at The Foundry, with our instructors, volunteers, plenty of equipment, and some of our existing club members, from 3:15pm to 5pm.

Everyone is welcome. You can just turn up, but we’d like you to drop us a line if you can, so we can be ready to maximise climbing opportunity during the session.

Climbing this term has been amazing. Now we are looking to expand from our Monday evening session to run a second weekly session as well, probably on Saturday afternoon. This will give some more people the chance to climb with us.

Max and Imogen, shown here, had no previous climbing experience when they came to our first Taster Session. Now they are regular climbers!


However, you don’t have to want to join our climbing club to come along on Saturday 26th November. It is commitment free as well as cost free! Just come along for fun or to see what we do.

By the way, The Foundry is much colder at this time of year than when we held our last Taster Session, so wear warm and comfortable clothes, and trainers too if you might have a go at climbing!



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