Summing up the last 3 years?!

Where have we been since we last dropped a blog post in December 2016?!

Well, we have been a long, long way. There is a great deal to report on.

  • Lots of climbers have climbed at our CfAS club sessions
  • We have climbers still climbing with us since 2016, we have joiners in 2017, joiners in 2018 and joiners in 2019. Other people have tried climbing and not been hooked – that’s fine too 🙂
  • We have a fine set of volunteers, making all this climbing possible – thank you, volunteers!
  • We’ve climbed on Thursday nights, then Monday nights, then weekends …. and our sessions at The Foundry Climbing Centre are now mainly on Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Saturday late afternoon / early evening.
  • We’ve also climbed El Capitan (in Yosemite) and Trollveggen (“Trollwall”, Norway)! …. Well, OK, we climbed their equivalent heights at The Foundry, in March 2018 and March 2019 respectively, to raise funds.
  • We’ve helped groups get launched outside our club, and we’re proud that we’ve achieved our secondary aim of making disabled climbers visible and included in the climbing community.
  • We’re very grateful to our volunteers, to our fundraisers, and to our donors. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

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