Wanting to donate?

As of today (just now) we have a new fundraising page! Here it is: https://www.wonderful.org/charity/climbingforallsheffield

Who is going to be bold enough to make the first donation, I wonder?
N.B. It is an entirely secure site, and (unlike most other fundraising sites) there are absolutely no fees – Wonderful Organisation does not generate profit (or even cover costs) by deducting money from fundraisers or donations.

Our previous MyDonate fundraising page, hosted free of charge by BT, has done well. It is still active right now but BT are closing the MyDonate service on 30th June so we are migrating.

  • You can still donate to our current MyDonate fundraisers until 30th June (thank you, again in 2019, Golden Geckos, for climbing ‘Mont Blanc’, and thank you to Neil C for running his first ever marathon for us).
  • If you’re launching a new fundraising effort, create that page by clicking the link on the Wonderful page.

Any quezzies, drop us a line. We always like to hear from people 🙂


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