Reflecting on an exciting year in the past…

The year just past has been mega-exciting! Watch this space….we must get round to uploading a lot more pics and video.

But first to get reporting on July 2017 – July 2018 out of the way. As a registered charity we are legally obliged to send reports to the Charity Commission. We should have sent them by 31st May but, let’s face it, spring this year was hectic what with the premiere of Reach, our Trollwall climb, the One Show appearance, and a lot of great sessions. We did finally get the job done, and the Charity Commission have accepted our reporting on Year 2 of our operation.

You can find our report and accounts on the Charity Commission’s public portal. Or to save you the effort of finding them, here they are:†

These are reports for our financial year up to 31st July 2018 – not the latest news. But the content of the 2017-2018 reports is very positive. Our second year saw new and existing climbers getting a whole lot of climbing in at The Foundry, a great deal of participation from our wonderful team of volunteers, and (not least because of our El Capitan climb) a turnaround in our financial position so that we could confidently book sessions for a term ahead and were able to buy specialist harnesses for more climbers.

Big thanks to everyone who sponsored us and helped our climbers enjoy climbing!


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