Reflecting on a great year of climbing before covid ….

It’s been very quiet recently!

But earlier in the year, we were in full swing, with typically 3 club sessions running every other weekend, and small ‘special’ sessions on top, aiming to give all our climbers the support they needed to climb as they wished.

You can see pics on our Facebook page – scroll back a bit to see what we were doing before Covid19 arrived in March.

We have now, at last, produced a report of our August 2018 – July 2019 year of operation to submit to the Charity Commission. You can find this report on their Register of Charities, along with the reports for our first 2 full years of operation, up to July 2017 and July 2018. Here we are on the Charity Register:

Or if you just want to download the 2018-2019 report, it’s here:

Yes, we should have submitted that report a few months ago, during lockdown. We will do better next year: watch this space for the 2019-2020 report, which takes us from full operation to the covid pause.

So, what are the highlights in the report of our third full year?

  • Around 46 climbing sessions (compares to around 32 sessions in Year 2, but we made sessions smaller to reduce crowding at The Foundry)
  • Induction session for training volunteers
  • Around 28 climbers in total – plus some siblings climbed with our younger climbers (also a grandad, but we forgot to put that in the report)
  • Around 20 volunteers over the course of the year, plus 4 trustees who volunteer sometimes or regularly at sesssions
  • One of our climbers supported to climb with a mainstream Foundry junior club
  • Christmas party at Burton Street Foundation premises
  • Regular posts and photos on Facebook through the year
  • Ascent of Norway’s famous Troll Wall (ok, the equivalent height in metres) to raise funds, on the back of the British Mountaineering Council’s fundraising initiative.

What are we pleased about?

All of it. But let’s pick out

  • The climbing experienced by our climbers, obviously
  • So much help from our wonderful volunteers
  • The experience gained by Foundry instructors in assisting differently abled climbers
  • Our role in promoting acceptance of differently abled climbers in mainstream climbing


Our volunteers make our sessions great and donated many hours of their time. And thanks are due to our sponsors and to all who supported fundraising or made donations. This generous support made it possible for us to run affordable sessions for all.

Heartfelt thanks also to the Foundry Climbing Centre, who contribute to everything we do, and provide a base for our activities.

We will be back

We are all set to relaunch club climbing after covid, as soon as we can do so safely. See you soon!


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